The Power of Coaching

The experience of being coached never ceases to amaze me.  Being a health coach myself, I gain tremendous value in receiving coaching.  So, at times like now, when I find myself scattered and amidst a flurry of thoughts about the point I’m at in my life, I seek some coaching.  As with many coaching sessions, mine started with a simple question from the coach, “so where are you now with X?”  This question, led to an explosion of thoughts, like a plume of smoke, that were running loose in my head. Having been on the other side of that explosion many times as the coach, I knew I was entering familiar territory. This time it was shocking because I was the client with all the rampant thoughts. This is where coaches thrive. They are in their element by taking an explosion of thoughts and guiding the client to make order of them.  I knew I was in good hands.  This is the art of coaching that likely must be experienced to be valued.  With presence, the coach artfully guided me through a collage of intent listening, sensitive reflections of my thoughts, and a scattering of well-formed questions.  Through that process, we uncovered (rediscovered) five values that continue to be an underlying theme for the quality of my life.  These values are powerful in that they can inform my decision-making process so as it does not appear to be random, but as steps in the direction of these values.  Through this process and the space that was created, I was also reminded of my center, my heart, and what that feels like to be grounded and expressed.  In the everyday bustle of our lives, that heart often becomes constricted.  It’s the space that coaching creates that sets it free again.

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One thought on “The Power of Coaching

  1. Really well written and great way of explaining what it’s like to be in the seat of the client and the appreciation for the gifts the coach offers.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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